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This time, more like vent art…

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why doesnt it work lkjghfds

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Liu Bolin - The Invisible Artist’s newer (and some older) works. official gallery and from and from

Yeah so basically this is the coolest fucking thing you’ll see all day today

Alfred Hitchcock directing the MGM Lion | 1958

Scattered around our world, hidden in the deep jungles and rugged outback places, are hidden a few native tribes that have not ventured forth into modern times. These fascinating cultures are quickly fading away as modern man encroaches into their territory and changes their lives and beliefs forever. Jimmy Nelson has traveled the globe with his camera in hand to document these tribes before they vanish from our planet. His photographs capture them dressed in their colorful celebration outfits, prepared for the hunt, and dressed for war. His book “Before They Fade Away” chronicles their lifestyles, cultures, art, and tradition in a attempt to preserve their memories before our society washes it away. via indulgd

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Corpse Bride behind the camera

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